We've done some of the Maths of the day lessons and the children have really loved them! They are really simple and easy to follow but so effective. The amount of Maths they get through is incredible!

Debbie Seamark Year 2 teacher - Hinde House School.

Hurst Knoll St James


Year 6 incorporating maths into their pe lesson! Trialling @MathsoftheDay

Alan Peat


PRIMARY: Love @JonASmedley attitude to Active Learning. The benefits are so many! Check him out!

Clifton Primary


Warming up with Maths of the Day! @MathsoftheDay #Cliftonbeinspired


“Maths that doesn’t feel like maths – that’s MOTD! Pupils have enjoyed mixing PE and maths; being active really makes a difference to engagement and motivation.”

Jenny Rainbow Headteacher

Mrs Edey


@YouthSportTrust @MathsoftheDay trying Maths of the Day for themselves at the Active Education Network event.


“MOTD is highly successful in our school. The children really look forward to doing their MOTD lessons and are always fully involved and participate at the highest standard. It has definitely made a huge impact within our school!”

Mrs Kelly Lavery Maths Leader

“We’re always being encouraged to find new ways for children to MASTER the skills of mathematics, and Maths of the Day will certainly help to do that in your school.”

Ann Jones Maths Advisor

Broadgreen Primary‏


Y2 enjoyed their missing numbers P.E lesson. Maths

Burlish Park Primary‏


Raining outside so time for some active maths in the hall @ Year 6’s were engaged and motivated.

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

Maths of the Day is an online resource that provides 1000+ lesson plans on how to deliver the maths curriculum through physical activity.

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